• Question: What for you guys will be (or is currently) the perfect the computer? Whether it be to assist in work, help people or purely for leisure. What features would it have etc.?

    Asked by Callum to Sheila, Piyush, Gary on 15 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Sheila Castilho

      Sheila Castilho answered on 15 Nov 2018:

      well, if it assisted in our work, wouldn’t it be helping people as well?

      For me the perfect computer would be fast, very powerful that we could train loads of MT systems, be able to open all programs, would work by voice command, touch and keyboard and the screen would be resizable because it would be a hologram, anywhere I want, the size a want.

    • Photo: Gary Munnelly

      Gary Munnelly answered on 15 Nov 2018:

      Wow! Let’s think here…

      My perfect computer is one that lets me do whatever I want with it. Heavy emphasis on what *I* want. So when I buy it, it shouldn’t come with a lot of stuff on it. Pretty much just a bare bones OS that lets me boot the machine and I’ll do everything from there. There should be loads of space and hardware resources, but it is up to me to actually program and set up the computer for my personal wants and needs. If I want to program it for leisure, then no bother! If I change my mind and decide I want a virtual assistant then cool beans! I can program the computer to do that.

      Believe it or not, there is an operating system called Arch Linux that basically allows you to do what I have described. I’m planning to install it on my next computer.

      After that it’s all about the hardware. It would be amazing to have a computer that was highly portable, but as powerful and modular as a desktop. So you could bring your computer with you, swapping out and upgrading bits of hardware as you needed to. There isn’t really anything on the marked that meets this requirement for me. I tend to buy very bulky laptops that are powerful enough, but still not quite as good as a desktop. I can carry them around, but they weigh a ton.