• Question: Is there a way to prevent dementia for when we're older?

    Asked by Nicolas to Sheila, Piyush, Gary on 15 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Sheila Castilho

      Sheila Castilho answered on 15 Nov 2018:

      Really not my area but for what I know, there’s no certain way to prevent all types of dementia yet. Researchers are still investigating how the disease develops.

      However, there’s good evidence that a healthy lifestyle can help reduce your risk of developing dementia when you’re older.

      So eat well and exercise! =)

    • Photo: Gary Munnelly

      Gary Munnelly answered on 15 Nov 2018:

      Like @Sheila says, this isn’t really my domain, but I know that research like this is always progressing. There isn’t a way to prevent it yet, but there could be a way to prevent it by the time you are older.

      This is one of those things where I think people like you can help to cure diseases like this. Stick with your studies, go to college and get a suitable degree then maybe think about doing research in this domain. The more people we have working on the problem, then the more likely we are to find solutions to the problem.